Welcome to this website dedicated to my research activities in the area of engineering design.

About me:

I am research engineer at the department Industrial Information Technology of the Institute of Machine Tools and Factory Management (Technical University of Berlin).
Following an engaged ecological approach, I performed my doctoral studies on sustainable product design at the University of Grenoble with Prof. Daniel Brissaud. Along the eight precedent years of research, I covered research topics like: remanufacturing, energy efficiency of electric and electronic products, environmental assessment of ICT-based services, energy
efficiency of production systems and product modularization.

Convinced by these several years of research that focusing on products remains a limited approach if consumption patterns remain disregarded at the same time, I am positioning my research on open source design, i.e. community-based and open source development of physical products, a new design paradigm that opens perspective for local and sustainable production. Particularly in the focus of my research are the organizational challenges raised by distributed collaboration of non-contractually engaged volunteers.

My research topics:

  • Ecodesign
    • Environmental assessment of ICT-based services
    • Energy efficiency of electric and electronic products
    • Design for low energy consumption in production
    • Product modular architecture
    • Remanufacturing
    • Product service systems
  • Open (Source) Design
    • Product quality in open source product development projects
    • Product data management in the commons
    • Distributed design in open design projects



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