Welcome to this website dedicated to my research activities in engineering design.

About me

My research focuses on sustainable product development, including both environmental and social aspects.

The social side of my research is about participative design and “making” as a way to enable sustainable consumption and production patterns. I specifcally focus on Open Source Hardware (OSH), that is, “products whose design are made publicly available so that anyone can study, modify, distribute, make, and sell them”. I strive to:

  • show the utopia of OSH; describe the phenomenon in mechanical engineering terms and make it visible in the scientific and public debate;
  • investigate existing implementations of OSH; characterize the specific challanges faced by these OSH projects in terms of product development;
  • understand open source product developemnt enough to develop supporting tools for the further development of this paradigma.

The enviromnenal side is about ecodesign. In the precedent years of research, I covered research topics like: remanufacturing, energy efficiency of electric and electronic products, environmental assessment of ICT-based services, energy efficiency of production systems, ecolabelling and product modularization.

I graduated in 2006 in IT engineering and worked a few years in a global IT services company implementing Product Data Management solutions for clients of the automotive sector. Following a strong ecological drive, I started in 2009 my doctoral studies on sustainable product design at the University of Grenoble with Prof. Daniel Brissaud. I widened the spectrum of my research from 2012 on, at the time I took a coordinative role in the collaborative research center 1026 “Sustainable Manufacturing”, led by Prof. Rainer Stark at the Technische Universitaet Berlin. I am Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Bath since 2018.

My research topics
  • Open Source Hardware
    • Product data management and documentation
    • Distributed design in open design projects
    • Product quality in open source product development projects
  • Ecodesign
    • Environmental assessment of ICT-based services
    • Energy efficiency of electric and electronic products
    • Design for low energy consumption in production
    • Product modular architecture
    • Remanufacturing
    • Product service systems
  • Design science
    • design heuristics, principles, guidelines
    • DfX knowledge capitalisation and transfer


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